Host Partner

Thank you very much to all of our Host Partners who have contributed to this Mission via their dedication in providing volunteers, time, money and support in feeding and sheltering those without a home.
Host Partner Responsibilities
  • Recruits and supervises volunteers to staff their week of winter emergency sheltering.
  • Provides sufficient space for sleeping, eating, and any optional activities for guests.
  • Provides dinner and breakfast for guests.
  • Transfers shelter supplies between/among shelter sites, as needed and follows Cargo Trailer Guidelines.
  • Collects and validates appropriate sheltering reports for submission to Community of Faith Mission.
  • Sends key leaders to the annual COFM training sessions.
  • Utilizes the record-keeping system.
  • Communicates with COFM Executive Director all important information.
Host Partners | 2017-18 Season
  • Bruton Parish Episcopal Church
  • Chickahominy Baptist Church
  • CrossWalk Community Church
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Hickory Neck Episcopal Church
  • James River Baptist
  • Life Church
  • New Town United Methodist Church
  • Saint John Baptist Church
  • Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church
  • Walnut Hills Baptist Church
  • Williamsburg Christian Church
  • Williamsburg Church of Christ
  • Williamsburg Community Chapel
  • Williamsburg Presbyterian Church
  • Williamsburg House of Mercy
  • Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists
  • Williamsburg United Methodist Church